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Hydrogen Attorney Michael Dray

Hydrogen Law is a boutique general practice with expertise in Alternative Energy.  The practice works with an extensive network of industry professionals in both the government and private sectors to have the most current and accurate information available in this developing market.   


Services include advocacy, representation and negotiations with governmental agencies and private stakeholders, hydrogen infrastructure management, contracts, transactions and other due diligence matters.   


Founder and principle Michael Dray is a longtime practitioner and advocate of alternative energy in the U.S. and around the world.  As a 1st Class Steam Operating Engineer, chemist and attorney, his interest include energy and public policy, and the integration of technology to make Smarter Cities.  Michael is dedicated to the advancement of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Movement.   He also serves as the founding Manager of the Cal State LA Hydrogen Research & Fueling Facility, the first hydrogen fueling station in the world certified to sell hydrogen to the public by the Kilogram.

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